NoHo Scene 2008

This Sunday I performed at the NoHo Scene. This is the second time that I performed at the fabulous art festival ..held in the heart of the arts district in North Hollywood, CA. I did the performance with jazz guitarist Tim Moran. Check out the video and photos.


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NoHo Scene '08 --Main Stage
NoHo Scene



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Women III at NoHo

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Scotti Goes to the Moon

Scotti is going to the Moon                                    


                                The Lunar Reconnaissance will launch later this year.  Onboard they will carry a copy of the name Scotti Austin. Giving new light to that famous saying…….    ”

                                                          “Beam Me Up Scotti”

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“Art Noir” at the NoHo

Check out this slide show from the “Art Noir” Opening at the NoHo Gallery.
I performed with jazz guitarist Tim Moran

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Art Directors Guild–Art Unites

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Verdugo Swing Society

August 22 I sang with Verdugo Swing Society big band at “Dancing Under the Stars” in Glendale put on by the Glendale Department of Parks and Recreations. It was a beautiful day for this outdoor event. Attendees brought picnic baskets and blankets. It was wonderful to see so many people young and old get up to dance…September 3, I sang with them once again. This time it was at beautiful Descanso Gardens in LaCresenta for a wonderful Labor Day event. The crowd was delightful and the gardens were breath taking..It was such a pleasure to perform with this wonderful 17-piece big band. Many of the musicians are active and retired studio musicians. Plans to perform with them for future events are in the works.

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Me at NoHo Art Gallery

June 23, 2007 - Saturday Here is a clip with me performing with jazz guitarist Tim Moran at the NoHo Gallery LA:

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How I Got the Name of My Group

November 8, 2006 – Wednesday

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 Well, my name is Scotti. People always greet me with Beam Me Up. Like from Star Trek when they used to say it. So when I was looking for a name for the group I said why not Scotti and the Beam Me Ups. I wanted something a little bit different, and up to date. Sometimes in my repertoire when doing a show, I do a part about songs with a space theme. Jazz songs that is. For example, “Moon River”. Any song about space, the moon, stars, heaven, etc. I like trying new things

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The Retro 1940’s Look

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I just love that the 1940’s style is back in fashion. I’m singing music from that era so I feel at home. I love the platform shoes, and poka dots are a big thing this era. Everything comes back into fashion every 10 years or so. When I was in high school I went through a faze where I was wearing pillbox hats and looking like that Andrew Sister.I love fashion and I feel good when I am dress when singing. I study what the old singers where. But I add my own fashion sense to it. I give it my personality, so what I where when I perform is sometimes the old stuff with the stuff folks where today. I all depends on my mood that day. I to where the the long gowns and long gloves. But sometimes I go for a more casual look. Still dressy but more laid back.I think that fashion is very important. I have always been interested in it sense I was younger. 

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