Scotti’s Bio

Scotti began her entertainment career as an actress. While doing stage work, it was required that she sing for a role. After engaging in numerous vocal workshops, she finds a joy in singing and decides to pursue it further. When she learns about jazz, she is just fascinated by the old standards. With the encouragement of mentors, she begins to perform publicly.Performances at open mics, festivals and social clubs lead to professional gigs. From actress to singer, a new career is born. ..She sings jazz standards from the 20’s to 50’s, the golden age of jazz. An era spanning 40 years, when jazz was in it’s heyday. She takes you on a sentimental journey. Can you picture this? A better simpler time. Families gather around the radio in living room to listen to the sounds of jazz, swing and big band resonating weekly broadcast. You dress in your very best to see a picture show, which is proceeded by a cartoon. Men wear suits, hats and spit-polished shoes. Ladies wear coiffed hairdos, flowing gowns, seamed stockings and gloves. Sailors and army men are out for a night on the town. Buying war bonds is the thing to do. She emulates this old style with with a poise and elegance that has not been prevelant in the music industry for more than half a century. She has deliberately decided to keep alive a musical tradition that started with musical greats like Billie Holiday, The Andrew Sisters, Ella Fitzgerald …just to name a few. Her repertoire includes numerous jazz, swing and big band selections. It’s a consummate collection of some of the most beloved standards in the great American songbook. Many of her song selections are from the Gershwin, Cole Porter, Rodgers and Hart and Duke Ellington songbooks. Blues songs add that special spice. All of these songs have a wonderful ambiance and put you in a mood. They always tell these wonderful stories of life and love. She finds a great joy in being on stage. Her audience ranges in age. Playfully, she wows them with her distinctive voice and charm. She has a natural vibrato. Her fashion sense adds to the ambiance of her show. It is influenced by the fashions of that time and her current mood. Everything from flowing gowns, tuxedos, sailor suits, pill-box hats and more. A tinge of flapper, vinup, vargas, burlesque and cabaret reflect a playful style. All of this style and music with the retro twist of today… bridging the past and present. Miss Austin performs publicly as well as privately. In addition to performing solo, she leads her own band, Scotti and the Beam Me Ups. She has also lent her talents to various recordings for other artist. Time is also devoted to performing for various charity organizations. At this time she is in the studio working on a new recording. Her pod cast, “The Jazzy Songbird” can be heard and downloaded on Itunes and On the show she sings, talks and explores jazz of the past. She is also using her other artistic muscle, acting. “1-7-Ohh!! Rainbow”, a one-woman show based on her life, is now touring. Miss Austin is an accomplished actress with a number of television, film and stage credits. “Sure I enjoy acting, that’s where my entertainment career began”, she asserts, “But I am much more passionate about music. I feel it is my duty to keep the flame of this music era glowing, so that it won’t be lost with future generations.” You can catch this Virginia native’s performances at various venues in the Los Angeles area. At this time she is doing work with a big band. Email: Website: http// The Jazzy Songbird : pod cast on Itunes or

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